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Our group will meet every 3rd Thursday.  If you are the hostess and you need to schedule a different day, please make sure to give everyone plenty of advanced notice so we are not blocking out the 3rd Thursday of your month.


August 2005          Brigitte             

------------ 15 months begin again -----------------

September 2005           Stacey F.             

October 2005           Stacey T.             

November 2005           Stacey P.             

December 2005        Kim (with buddy Carla)   

January 2006           Barbara             

February 2006           Tracy H.           

March 2006           Brigitte             

April 2006           Karen             

May 2006           Janis             

June 2006           Michelle             

July 2006           Tracy M.             

August 2006        Erica                      

September 2006           Jennifer             

October 2006       Lori                    

November 2006       Trisha                  

------------ 15 months begin again -----------------